Does a Glass Top Machine Consume More power than a Hard Top Machine?

Yes considerably more.

Although Low Emissivity Glass is used in most Glass Top Freezers, when compared to an Insulated Foam Doors they let a lot more heat enter the cabinet. To compensate for the continuous and increased heat load, Freezer manufacturers use approximately 50% larger compressor than they use in similar capacity Hard Tops. Compressors in Glass Tops work for approximately 50% longer than they work in Hard Tops.

A microscopically thin layer of metal oxides are vapor deposited over clear glass to make Low E Glass. This oxide layer causes the glass to reflect back a considerable amount of heat when compared to clear glass.

Can similar Holdover be expected from Glass Tops as well as Hard Tops?

No. Glass Tops in general are upto 50% lesser effective than Hard Tops in preserving the cold within the cabinet without power.

What is an Ideal Location to place a Glass Top Machine?

A glass top machine is more vulnerable to heat, direct sunlight, ambient air blown into the cabinet everytime the glass is slid, humidity, physical shock etc than a Hard Top Machine. Hence the following conditions would guarantee a long life of a glass top machine:

a) Ambient of less than 43 Degree C.

b) Protection from direct sunlight.

c) Exposure to direct air blowing from a fan, air cooler etc.

d) Frequent Glass door openings.

e) A protective cover over the glass surface during the nights and at times when customers are not expected. The cover not only protects the glass to a great extent, it also lowers the burden on the compressor and helps in the machine achieve lower temperature and longer holdovers.