Energy Conservation & Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation and efficiency may be related, but they have distinct definitions in the energy world. Energy conservation involves using less energy by adjusting your behaviors and habits. Energy efficiency, on the other hand, involves using technology that requires less energy to perform the same function. Energy-saving light bulbs, large household appliances, smart thermostats, and smart home hubs are all examples of technology that can be energy efficient.

Rockwell is working aggressively towards energy conservation & developed a freezer which consumes 53% lesser power than the regular freezer. The refrigerator is used 24*7 & accounts major part for the total power consumed in any home or shop. 

Importance of Energy Conservation

The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs but not every man’s greed said, Gandhi. Hard facts on why energy conservation is a must are outlined below.

  1. We use energy faster than it can be produced – Coal, oil and natural gas – the most utilized sources take thousands of years for formation.

  2. Energy resources are limited – India has approximately 1% of the world’s energy resources but it has 16% of the world population.

  3. Most of the energy sources we use cannot be reused and renewed – Non-renewable energy sources constitute 80% of the fuel use.

  4. We save the country a lot of money when we save energy – About 75 percent of our crude oil needs are met from imports which would cost about Rs.1, 50,000 crores a year

  5. We save our money when we save energy – Imagine your savings if your LPG cylinder comes for an extra week or there is a cut in your electricity bill.

  6. Save energy to reduce pollution – Energy production and use account to a large proportion of air pollution and more than 83 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

A Regular freezer consumes 5 Units of electricity per day whereas the Green Freezer developed by Rockwell per day electricity consumption is 2.2 units only.  BPL Families in India uses less than 3 units per day in their house.

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