Maintenance of Freezer is crucial to help extend the life of your investment. A freezer is similar to your car in that it will require maintenance in periodic and frequent intervals. The frequency of intervals is dependent upon the freezers usage, its general location, and the environment it is kept.

Freezer Maintenance

Here are some tips to get higher efficiency

Check the owner’s manual for your particular unit.

There are many different types of freezers, and they can have slightly different care instructions and placement of parts, so make sure that you are familiar with how your freezer works.

Place the freezer in a temperature-stable area.

Extreme changes in temperature outside your unit will cause the freezer to work harder at its job, causing strain. It might seem like cold temperatures would help a freezer, but remember that it’s only designed to withstand freezing temperatures on the inside! Also be aware that condenser coils can emit heat, so make sure there is some space for airflow between the freezer and any walls or nearby items.

Check the thermostat regularly.

Many freezers have a built-in thermostat, but if yours does not, you can use a thermometer. If your unit starts fluctuating on its own, you should get it checked.

Check the gasket regularly.

The gasket, or seal, of your freezer, makes sure that cold air stays in and warm air stays out of the unit. If the seal is damaged or broken, your freezer will leak and its performance will suffer. If you notice damage, get the gasket replaced immediately to save yourself some money on energy consumption.

Keep the freezer clean.

You can easily clean your freezer with a damp rag and dish detergent. Make sure you reach all of the interior, exterior, and the seals. You can use a spray cleaner to remove tougher spills and deodorizers to remove nasty smells. Frost build up is normal, and you need to periodically defrost the unit to remove the build-up.

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