How can you get low energy bills?


Have you ever imagined that the location of your freezer can affect your energy bills?

 No…. then let’s see how?

 When a freezer is placed in the sunlit area, it increases the workload of the freezer hence

Increase the power consumption.

 You might have noticed the majority of the freezers are painted white in color. The reason for this is white color reflects more light which makes it optimal to use in freezers.

 Freezers cool things down by transferring heat from inner tank to the surrounding. The figure below shows how is driven out of the unit.

If a freezer is placed in an extremely hot location, the surroundings will warm up the exterior of the freezer thus, the freezer has to work more than what is required.

 The extreme temperature outside your machine will also cause the freezer to work harder at its job which causes strain & may result in failure of the machine.

 Thus hotter the surroundings, the harder a fridge has to run – i.e. it uses more energy.
Placing a freezer where the surrounding heat is as low as possible will significantly help to reduce its energy consumption.

 Therefore it is essential to keep the freezer is cool place & maintain a few inches of clearance all the way around it for heat disposal to save money on your electricity bill.

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