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Fig. India’s Energy Consumption for Electricity Generation

natural resource

solar energy

Solar Freezers :- The term “renewable energy” refers to energy that is produced from a natural resource having the characteristics of inexhaustibility over time and natural renewability. Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and hydro energies.

In recent years, scientists have increasingly paid more attention to solar energy. There is a sudden demand in the utilization of solar energy for various applications such as water heating, building heating/cooling, cooking, power generation, and refrigeration. Solar energy is the result of electromagnetic radiation released from the Sun by the thermonuclear reactions occurring inside its core. The sun actually transmits a vast amount of solar energy to the surface of the earth. The term “solar constant” signifies the radiation influx of solar energy.

One of India’s major advantages today and going forward is that its renewable energy (RE) potential is vast and largely untapped. Recent estimates show that India’s solar potential is greater than 750 GW and its announced wind potential is 302 GW (actual could be higher than 1000 GW).

In recent years, many countries have been facing difficulties with the issue of refrigeration systems. There is a lack of electricity and storage in developing countries to accommodate high-energy consumptive systems such as refrigeration and cooling. The solar cooling techniques can reduce the environmental impact and the energy consumption issues raised by conventional refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

Rockwell Solar Freezers

Rockwell has involved in manufacturing two types of solar refrigerator. One is PV based direct current solar refrigerator without battery & other is PV based direct current solar refrigerator with battery.

solar freezers

rockwell solar freezers

Fig.3 photovoltaic operated refrigeration system 

Benefits of Rockwell Solar Refrigerator

  1. Environmentally friendly: Solar Freezers Harnesses the energy of the sun to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Directly runs on the solar energy. Longer hold over time.
  2. Runs on DC Power: Rockwell Solar Freezers runs only on DC Power so it will be working only solar power. No point to connect with Alternating Current (AC).
  3. Longevity: Operates continuously for years as proven by prototype units tested at various locations around the world
  4. Scalable: Suits applications in a wide range of sizes.
  5. Maintenance: Lower maintenance with higher build quality.
  6. Running Cost: Zero running cost.


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