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Eutectic Freezers

eutectic freezers

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Solar Cooler / Freezer

Solar Freezer

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Combi Freezers  Combi Freezer

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Rockwell’s business acumen revolves around innovation and new product development facilitating us to be pioneers in many product categories


Renewable energy

We are the 1st in India to produce solar freezer which runs without any electrical connection.


Energy Efficient

Our Green freezer range consumes up to 53% lesser power when compared to regular freezers.


Product Life

World-class R&D has facilitated us to extend the product life by four years compared to regular freezers.



Our new range of products is designed to be maintenance free.


Service Centres

Rockwell has an elaborate network of more than 150 service station spread across the length and breadth of the country.



Each product is tested up to three hours to ensure internal and external safety and cooling performance.


Less Heat generation

Since our new range of products consumes about 53% less energy, they produce up to 50% lesser heat, thus making the surrounding temperature less hot.


Hold Over

The Green freezer range provides a holdover of 3 to 5 hours. More than the contemporary product range.Combi Freezer